Workforce Wellbeing at Core of TES

Workforce Wellbeing at Core of TES

Workforce Wellbeing

“Clients do not come first.  Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they take care of the clients.”

– Richard Branson

It’s no coincidence that Richard Branson realises the importance of maintaining a happy and healthy workforce.  In many ways, the TES Group aims to emulate this sentiment by putting workforce wellbeing at the core of the business. Employee wellbeing is after all raising the agenda across industry, and mental health challenges facing employees and employers is a recurring theme in today’s workplace.  As large parts of employees’ lives are spent at work, the TES Group realises the important role the company has in helping them achieve better quality working lives.

The TES Group has in place an active wellbeing policy aimed at

Creating an environment which allows an employee to achieve their full potential for their benefit and that of the company.  It is a priority for TES Group to create an organisation where employees want to work because they feel safe, valued, and part of a supportive work community’

To this end, we strive to;

  • Create an environment which fuels our team and maximises their energy levels
  • Motivate our team and build resilience; ensuring they consistently perform at their best
  • Create a programme which uniquely supports our business needs and demands
  • Provide a focus on results not hours in the office
  • Help our team become more responsive and less reactive
  • Ensure that our whole team is united, feels respected and proud of their workplace
  • Improve outputs as a direct result of a happy and healthy workforce

Undoubtedly, the Cornerstone to TES’ success to date is our staff and their focus on providing the best possible service to our clients.  Our HR and Talent Management team are dedicated to nurturing staff skills (through staff appraisals/training/development) and to ensure all members of the workforce realise they are intrinsic to successful company development.

Having increased the workforce by 21% in the past year it is imperative that employees remain enthused in delivering the company’s strategy.  The TES “Innovation & Events Committee” arrange incentive schemes, motivation workshops and team-building exercises to reinforce the vision of the company.

TES staff have also been heavily engaged in our “Visions & Values” strategy whereby all employees, through a series of weekly meetings, have been involved in creating a “Values & Culture” policy.  Staff involvement has also been fundamental to creating our “company strategy” which focuses on relationship building, diversification and development.

Formal, frequent, cross-department events have also been created, whereby representatives from all divisions meet to discuss ongoing projects, creating highly productive synergies across the company between specialisms that may not regularly engage. The result has been creative “think shops”, which have led to product improvement, new market potential and operational efficiency’s.

TES Group Chairman commented “Staff Welfare is No.1 Priority for TES and by providing these open platforms, staff (at all levels) are engaged and reassured that they are key to the development and growth of the business.” He added “Reinforcing the fact that there is a vehicle for staff to voice their opinions, has created an open and supportive environment which has in turn increased confidence and productivity.”