TES Water: A New Approach

TES Water: A New Approach

TES - Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

TES - A New Approach To Water & Wastewater Treatment Projects

A New Approach

Traditional approaches to providing complex solutions for water and wastewater treatment projects are now considered to be inefficient and more costly, both for water utilities, their investors and their customer base.

The traditional model commonly involves companies specialising in contract management, and then sub-contracting the majority of service delivery on projects; effectively providing ‘project management’ services, which has led to increased costs and poor quality service.

As a multi-award winning company, with decades of experience, The TES Group took a new approach to the industry, one which has led to the company quickly becoming a major force in the UK and in International markets.

A 360o Approach – TES Group

Central to this new approach is the provision of a complete 360o project package of complimentary services including;

Design, Manufacture, Build, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Project Management, Repair and Maintenance.

This removes many sub-contracting costs, admin complexities & management difficulties, which is very unlike the risk laden traditional approach. Many utility companies are left having to source products/services for a single project from multiple providers, or assigning this responsibility to a project management organisation, which adds another layer of costs, & more administration to the delivery.

To operate this 360o approach TES have quickly developed and implemented its unique business operation model, ‘Lifecycle Engineering’, which focuses on developing effective partnerships with clients, taking time to listen client needs and providing flexible, customised solutions.

A collaborative approach has provided our clients with noticeable advantages including under budget project completions and faster project delivery, all of which are still to the highest possible safety and quality standards. Commonly our collaborative approach results in significant improvements including plant energy efficiency savings that could be missed with a more traditional multi-supplier model.

Specialist Internal Labour

The majority of contractors operating in the industry are found to subcontract to external companies in the delivery of projects, increasing cost to the client, reducing the level of control for the contractor and diluting the expertise available.

By contrast TES use internal resources and highly qualified staff to successfully deliver projects, providing a greater level of control, improved efficiency and clear direct communication to the client at all stages.

One Size doesn’t fit all

The traditional “one size fits all” mentality has resulted, all too often, in the provision of products and services that never fully match the requirements of the project or client. The TES Group ethos of developing client partnerships, coupled with in-house design, process expertise and manufacturing facilities enables TES to be flexible, responsive and innovative; providing clients with a perfect fit-for-purpose solution.


TES Group consider innovation to be key to the future development of the industry in order to improve inefficiencies of common solutions. They have invested heavily in the establishment of a Research & Development division, focused on new product development and the continued development of existing products.

The Division shares the same operational model practiced by TES as a whole, which is working in partnership with clients to understand their specific needs and develop solutions, and innovations bespoke to them, with impressive results achieved during the past 24 months.

The impact of this new approach with clients is visible by their sustained levels of growth over recent years, evident in turnover continually increasing year on year and as word spreads that there is a new, modern way of providing products and services to the water utility sector, The TES Group look set to continue making headway in the industry.


To discuss a project with an experienced member of our team please feel free to contact us via

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