TES commitment to TOTEX

TES have provided specialist MEICA services to Water Utilities for almost 20 years’ on a range of projects from MCC design and manufacture to complete design, build & operation of water and wastewater treatment plants. Regardless of the size or scope of the project TES endeavour to provide our clients with whole life Cost (TOTEX) savings.  

TES have extensive knowledge of water and wastewater treatment processes, sustainable retrofits, control systems and equipment installed on treatment works and pumping stations.  This is coupled with the current knowledge of leading technologies and respective suppliers.  At TES, embedding Whole Life Costing principles in everything from procurement, through day-to-day operation, to plant maintenance is a priority in the quest to optimise performance while minimising expense.

Innovation Centre

Through the TES Innovation Centre, TES continually monitor latest technologies to bring proposals to our clients in the form of demonstrable Whole Life Cost comparisons.  In recent years TES have invested in a dedicated Research, Development & Innovation Centre whereby we have successfully developed safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and processes by adopting tried and tested life cycle analysis tools and techniques.  The TES R&D team undertake Value Engineering analyses for our projects while keeping track of new products and innovations aimed at reducing TOTEX that can save time, minimise environmental impact and enhance the life-cycle of the Client’s project.  TES also work closely with members of our Supply Chain to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective technologies are proposed as part of contract delivery. 

Procedures for reducing TOTEX – Collaboration

Committed to reducing TOTEX, the TES Framework Manager will drive challenge through the Client Brief/Job Spec. This information is closely analysed and the most experienced; estimator, designer and or supply chain representative shall be nominated to attend Site Meetings for further inspection. At the Site Meeting with Client Reps, Project Manager and or Operations stakeholders, TES collaborate and jointly review the brief, challenge the scope, specification and working practices to arrive at an agreed scope of work aimed at offering more benefits for the Client.  This is where TES’ experience from almost 20 years’ working in the Irish & UK Water industry, with a stable workforce will enable us to come up with safe solutions, innovative ideas and new technologies to provide more efficient and effective services. The size of our company is such that our Team have a thorough understanding of what has worked well and what hasn’t on similar projects/frameworks. 

Site meetings enable integration and development of collaborative working relationship, essential to drive challenges, as these encourage options to be discussed openly and freely.  The TES team then undertake whole life costing on alternatives and through value engineering analysis, our design and estimating team can provide compatible reports that can directly feed into the Client’s whole life costing model.

What We Do

TES utilise all members of our team (Efficiency Engineers, Design Team, Estimators and Project & Contract Managers) to ensure higher CAPEX on certain assets are recommended to the client.  TES aim to offer significant OPEX savings due to more efficient operation, lower power consumption’s, extended operating life, lower maintenance costs and higher reliability performance data etc.

These meetings focus on cost savings and driving value for money. A number of issues assessed include but not limited to;

  • Specification of Materials (fit for purpose)
  • Detailed design
  • Labour saving proposals
  • Whole-life cost reduction.

Cost savings are assessed in terms of offering more efficient or effective solutions, offering alternative equipment which may provide better long-terms savings and making various cost-saving recommendations to the client.  Cost-saving issues such as carbon expenditure and manufacturing costs are consistently assessed throughout project delivery and savings have been made by TES which in turn are offered to clients.

TES focus on the areas of sites where the highest power consumption figures are recorded (e.g. Aeration) by monitoring power consumption over a typical 7-Day period.  TES have installed temporary instrumentation to provide real time control and monitor the same 7-Day period to quantify the energy savings achieved.  In turn, the TES team have produced full reports for the client with CAPEX, TOTEX and whole life costs to demonstrate the return on investment which can be achieved.

Additionally, TES have experience in utilising SCADA & Telemetry compiles which are monitored on operational sites to ensure all key performance data is being collected. TES ensure that this data is closely monitored and reported on regularly to demonstrate sites with equipment operating out of its normal envelope to predict equipment failures or over-loading due to increased flows or outside influences. 

TES offer our clients Bi-Annual forums to present our range of new-products/solutions specifically designed for common needs of the water industry and specific to contract delivery. To this end, the TES Team are wholly committed to offering TOTEX improvements in all our projects.

“As a company TES wholly embraces the principles of TOTEX.  A Whole Life Cost approach is essential to realise optimum operating efficiency and costs” said TES Operations Director, Ciaran Donnelly.  He added, “It is essential that clients are willing to be first and willing to try out new technologies and processes to gain advantage.  It is only then that the benefits of TOTEX are realised.”