TES Providing Secure Remote Access

TES Providing Secure Remote Access

TES Cybersafe provide UK Water utilities with a range of services to protect their operations from cyber threats, which threaten to cause disruption to operations and may include serious acts of sabotage.

New IT technology has provided many benefits to water utilities, including being able to access, monitor and control sites from a remote location. These new technologies however have increased the threat surface whilst heightening the potential consequences of a successful attack.

In order to combat the growing threat of cyber crime against critical infrastructure the EU introduced the NIS Directive in 2016, providing EU member states with 21 months to implement a range of cyber security standards and security. The introduction of the NIS Directive has provided the biggest changes to the ICS landscape in over 20 years, focusing attention on the cyber security of operations of critical infrastructure.

TES have built a team of Industrial Control and IT specialists that understand problems facing the industry today, putting TES in a unique position to help protect critical infrastructure systems against attacks. TES engineers are experts in a range of commonly used PLC software including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron and Rockwell. Our in house Cybersafe team partner with a number of leading cyber security institutions throughout the world including Queens University Belfast, Dell and AIT. Working together collaboratively on cyber security R&D projects aimed at helping to advance the level of protection against the growing cyber threats.

Many water utility companies have acknowledged the security implications of new technology and as a result TES have completed a number of projects throughout the UK and Ireland enabling Water utilities to safely and securely utilise the benefits of technological advances.

Providing remote access capabilities to utilities helps to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs, plant operators are reaping rewards of connected systems.