TES Partner with Anglian Water

TES Partner with Anglian Water

Framework Launch Event

Framework Launch Event

Anglian Water have announced their new MCC and Controls framework for controls and automation solutions with a new style of collaborative working. TES have been successfully selected, and will collaborate with two other successful MCC Manufacturers; Paktronic and CEMA on the framework.

The new alliance has been named ‘Synergy’ and brings together three of the UK’s most progressive MCC Manufacturers to design, manufacture, install, test and commission low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, in line with Anglian Water requirements.

The Anglian Water region has the largest geographic area of water and wastewater in England and Wales, covering over 27,500 square kilometres.  The Anglian Water region includes water and wastewater recycling centres (sewage treatment works), reservoirs and networks stretching from the Humber in the north to the Thames in the south, from Northampton in the west across to the east coast.  Anglian Water also provides water services to the Hartlepool area as Hartlepool Water. In total, Anglian Water supplies over 6 million UK customers.

Anglian Water’s fundamental goal is to deliver a safe, reliable supply of drinking water and effective water recycling services at an affordable cost, whilst maintaining a strong customer focus, continuous improvement in the delivery of quality services and value for money.

An alliance of consultants and contractors called @one Alliance has been appointed to deliver more than half of Anglian Water’s capital investment programme under the current AMP cycle. The @one Alliance wanted to create a new MCC and Controls framework which would work collaboratively between partners, drive innovation and increase value for stakeholders.

As a result, the sourcing strategy was completely new for this MCC and Controls Framework, and focused on behaviour as well as capability and delivery of value. @one Alliance wanted to select partners who will be able to work closely with each other, the IOS alliance and Anglian Water.

Following a detailed, competitive tender process Anglian Water appointed three companies to the new MCC and Controls framework; TES Group, CEMA and Paktronic. A collaborative alliance called Synergy has been formed, which is forward thinking, innovative and encourages early engagement and collaboration. All members of Synergy are extremely excited about delivering Anglian Water and the @one Alliance’s MCC and Controls Framework vision, which include out-performance and reducing the total cost of delivery using sustainable methods, whilst improving customer experience.

Commenting on the MCC and Controls Framework, TES Framework Manager Stephen Doyle said;

“All of our core culture and values are already closely aligned, forming the ideal platform to offer a fresh approach to automation solution development and delivery. We’re committed to bringing innovative solutions and proposals to the @One Alliance and Anglian water as a whole, while continuing to deliver excellent design, product and client services.”

Clare Fane, Framework Integration Manager, @one Alliance has this to say;

“I’m excited about the opportunity with this new 10-year framework. We’re focused on getting it right from the start as it’s central to a significant number of Anglian Water processes. It will impact on automation and control of works, operations and data management, telemetry and other areas, as well as the partners interacting with the wider equipment and component supply chain.”

TES, along with the other members of Synergy are hoping to exceed both Anglian Water and @one Alliance’s framework expectations. We are fully committed to delivering upon all framework KPM’s, whilst demonstrating our vast experience in providing TOTEX solutions and innovative design via early engagement and effective collaboration.