TES Leading the way in Data Centre Off-Site Manufacture

TES Leading the way in Data Centre Off-Site Manufacture

TES have been a driving force for off-site manufacture within the water, wastewater, renewable and mining sectors for a number of years and are now using this utilising this expertise within the Data Centre market, which traditionally would involve complete installation, testing and commissioning on site.

TES has its own in-house team consisting of designers, project managers, engineers, fabricators and electricians and have purpose built manufacturing and testing facilities, making TES an ideal choice for clients looking to develop or refurbish data centres. Data centre clients who are now adopting an off-site manufacturing approach are achieving a number of benefits. These include;


There are significant time savings to be made by using off-site modular construction. As a high proportion of the manufacture and testing is completed in the factory, on-site time required for final finishing is substantially reduced, minimising disruption to clients and reducing project programme length in many cases by over 50%.


Offsite construction is ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability. Work in the factory can be scheduled to start at the same time as the site is being prepared, so the two processes can take place in parallel, resulting in an accelerated build programme. The knock-on effect is a reduction in waste, as well as the reduced impact of construction activities on-site such as; disruption to existing operations, noise, site access, ground disturbance and vehicle movements.

Safety and working conditions

Transferring work off-site into a controlled environment improves safety. It’s much safer for the TES to manufacture and pre-fabricate in a controlled factory environment rather than in a building undergoing construction work.

Whole life cost

Enhanced specification standards and build quality can reduce occupancy costs related to energy use, defects and repairs. In addition, a modular off-site manufactured solution can be manufactured with the potential of future expansion in mind or to best utilise available space.

TES have an excellent track record of success in off-site manufacture, making use of our in-house resources and capacity within our manufacturing facility to deliver real tangible benefits to our clients and providing a flexible approach not possible through traditional delivery techniques. TES off-site manufactured projects have been delivered successfully globally in areas including Europe, North & South America, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

Martin Brannigan, TES Operations Director commented “We’ve been providing clients with off-site manufactured solutions for many years now and the data centre market is a perfect fit for what we provide. We can make use of our purpose-built manufacturing facilities to streamline the whole construction process, making it more efficient by reducing time, costs and manpower while at the same time improving safety and reducing carbon footprint”.