TES Instrumental in Delivering Irish Water Strategy

TES Instrumental in Delivering Irish Water Strategy

TES has been nominated MEICA specialists for the delivery of Irish Water’s Multi-Supplier Frameworks. TES Chairman Brian Taylor, met with Irish Water representatives last week to sign the Multi-Supplier Framework for the Provision of Minor MEICA Works throughout Ireland. The contract was signed with Irish Water in Dublin last week, the company’s second contract with the water utility in the past nine months.

Irish Water is Ireland’s new national water utility, responsible for providing and developing water services throughout Ireland. Incorporated last year as a government owned company, Irish Water brings the water and wastewater services of the 34 Local Authorities together under one national service provider. Its strategy is to develop and improve water services throughout the country.

In response to shortfalls within the existing infrastructure, Irish Water has established the multi-supplier framework agreement for the provision of all required works and services associated with Minor Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation (MEICA) Works, to support the provision of water services capital investment. TES has been nominated as national delivery partners for the MEICA Works which will be carried out in a planned and reactive manner as identified by Irish Water.

TES will be undertaking MEICA Works that include but are not limited to the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the upgrade, replacement or provision of any element of existing water treatment plants such as; raw water intake, raw water storage, clarification stage, filtration stage, wash-water stage, sludge treatment stage, chemical dosing, water quality monitoring and associated control and monitoring equipment.

Commenting on the signing of the contract, TES Chairman, Brian Taylor said “This is a monumental step for TES, as it is the second major Framework that the company has been awarded with Irish Water in the past nine months.” He added “Irish Water is instrumental to improving the water infrastructure of the country and TES can offer over 15 years’ experience in delivering MEICA and maintenance services to the industry.”