ISO Success for TES

The long-established Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety standards of TES have once again been given the stamp of approval.

TES understand the value of an effective Integrated Management System in increasing performance, customer satisfaction and achieving continuous improvement and put great emphasis on embedding integrated systems and procedures throughout the organisation.

ISO 9001, ISO14001OHSAS18001 are the world’s most recognised management system standards and are used by over a million organisations across the world. The latest versions of ISO9001 (Quality) & ISO14001 (Environmental) were written in 2015 to maintain their relevance in today’s marketplace and to continue to offer organisations improved performance and business benefits.

In June 2017 TES were successfully assessed by NQA to the new standards (ISO9001 & ISO14001) and also OHSAS18001 (Health & Safety) which will transition to ISO 45001 in 2018.

The new versions will;

  • Bring continual improvement into the heart of TES
  • Increase involvement of the leadership team
  • Introduce risk and opportunity management
  • Help TES become a more consistent competitor in the marketplace
  • Provide better Quality, Environmental & H&S management systems (Which in turn assists TES in meeting, presenting & identifying future client needs)
  • Increase efficiency that will save time, money and resources
  • Improve operational performance that will cut errors and drive continuous improvement
  • Motivate, engage and involve TES staff with more efficient internal processes
  • Improve our service to clients
  • Broaden business opportunities by demonstrating compliance

John Crossan, TES SHEQ Manager commented;

“As a company, TES go the extra mile to ensure the Quality, Environmental and H&S systems and procedures are embedded throughout the organisation; through ongoing personnel development, workshops, training sessions, regular newsletters, team meetings and informational soundbites.”

John continued… “At TES we strive to be the best that can be, as an organisation. The certification demonstrates the ongoing quality and continuous advancement that we endeavour to apply across all of our operations.”