TES Commission Data Centre PDU’s

TES Commission Data Centre PDU’s

TES have recently commissioned a project with a large number of TES designed and manufactured PDU’s for a Data Centre client based in the UK.

The TES PDUs were fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power throughout the data centre and will increase the manageability and efficiency of the operation. TES custom designed and manufactured the PDU’s to meet the exact requirements of the client.

TES PDU’s can be designed to meet a wide range of requirements including;

  • Small Footprint designs for complex space constraints.
  • Minimized downtime for loads during maintenance.
  • Safeguard Incoming Supply utilising Rack Mounted Static Transfer Switches for minimal switching time (3P or 4P) and uninterrupted load.
  • Cable management with segregated distribution board section and outgoing cable terminal section.
  • Wide range of Incoming Metering.
  • Panel mounted controls, indications and alarm systems which are interlinked to BMS.
  • Optional Metering of final circuits for added intelligence.
  • Commando Plug and Sockets.

For further information about TES PDU’s or our other Power Distribution Equipment for critical infrastructure including data centres please contact us.