TES Awarded Major Essex Project

TES have recently been awarded a major, multi-million pound project with Essex and Suffolk Water for the upgrading of Hanningfield Water Treatment Works (WTW) based in Essex. Hanningfield WTW treats up to 235 Ml/d of water from Hanningfield Reservoir for drinking water supply for around 540,000 homes in the Essex area. The project will upgrade the wash water tank capacity at the site in order to meet flow requirements by constructing two additional wash water tanks.

The existing wash water plant comprises 2 No. wash water tanks (wash water tank 1 and wash water tank 2) and pumping plant. Two additional wash water tanks will be constructed (wash water tank 3 and wash water tank 4). The existing pumping plant will be removed and new settled wash water pumps be installed in that location connected to wash water tanks 1 and 2, this will be Wash water pumping station 1. An additional, new, pumping station (wash water pumping station 2) will be constructed for housing settled wash water pumps to be connected to wash water tanks 3 and 4 and to house supernatant pumps to be connected to all wash water tanks (1-4).

As part of the project TES will be responsible for the Design, Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all MEICA works including:

  • Supernatant pumps (WWPS2).
  • Settled wash water pumps (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • Drainage pumps (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • Pipework (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • Valves and actuators (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • Cranage (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • Building services including ventilation (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • Control systems including FDS and software.
  • MCCs (WWPS1 and WWPS2).
  • RMU / transformer sub-station.
  • Connection to HV system for electricity feed.
  • Roof mounted PV cells (WWPS2).
  • Flow control devices (lagoon outlet and site drainage).
  • Installation of MCERT compliant flow meters.

Commenting on the award of the project TES Managing Director, Noel McCracken said “this is another exciting project for us, we’re delighted to be involved and look forward to working closely with Essex and Suffolk Water in the coming months. As always health and safety is our number one priority and like all of our other projects COVID-19 specific processes and systems will be implemented to ensure ongoing safety of our employees and other stakeholders”.

TES are currently recruiting for a number of positions. For further information please visit the TES Careers page.