TES Awarded Hinkley Point C Contract

TES Awarded Hinkley Point C Contract

TES have recently been awarded a contract for the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a 10,000 PopE temporary sewage treatment plant and several associated pumping stations at Hinkley Point C to treat all domestic effluent arising from the workforce during the construction of the new nuclear power plant.

NNB Generation Company Limited is undertaking the construction of two new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The plant is to be located in an estuarine situation in close proximity to the existing Hinkley Point A (HPA) and Hinkley Point B (HPB) power station. The proposed new nuclear power station Hinkley Point C (HPC) will be the EPR type (1650MW). The total production of this station is 3300MW.

Hinkley Point C’s two EPR reactors will provide reliable, low carbon electricity to meet approximately 7% of the UK’s electricity needs and will be competitive with other forms of low carbon generation. First operation of Hinkley Point C is scheduled to be in 2025.

The temporary sewage treatment plant provided by TES will treat all domestic sewage generated from the various facilities around the power station construction site. The temporary sewage treatment plant will have a design life of 10 years to allow for the migration of the facility into the operational phase. Included within the TES scope of works is;

  • Modular Temporary Sewage Treatment Plant with a capacity for 10,000 site personnel. The STP has been designed by TES as three modular treatment plants in line with the demand of foul sewage volume generated throughout the construction period and will employ Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment and Sludge Management Treatment processes.
  • Inlet Pumping Station
  • Temporary Foul Pumping Stations
  • Construction Pumping Stations

Commenting on award of the contract TES Chairman, Brian Taylor said “the Hinkley Point C project is one of the largest and most high profile construction projects in the UK, we are delighted to have been awarded this project and to have the opportunity to play an important part in securing the future energy needs of the UK.”

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