Switchgear UAE (United Arab Emirates)

TES, established in 1999, are an award winning switchgear manufacturer, with a skilled workforce of switchgear specialists operating worldwide, with notable experience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Muscat and many other major cities across the Middle East & Asia.

Following exceptional growth in the UK over the past 5-10 years, TES has now established itself as a leading switchgear specialist internationally, with unique projects in both developing countries and economically growing countries.

TES have several manufacturing and office facilities across the UK & Ireland, with many highly experienced switchgear & project management employees now deployed on-site in nations all around the world, with a strong presence in the UAE.

Growth & Construction in the UAE

United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed countries in the Arab Gulf and has high value of GDP per capita. The country still has a commodity-based economy, with shipments of oil & natural gas accounting for approximately 40% of total exports and for 38% of GDP.

Yet, in order to diversify the economy and reduce the dependence on oil and Gas revenues, The UAE has been making astronomical investments in the tourism, financial and construction sectors. It is predicted that in 2017 the UAE will experience record breaking growth in construction sectors, the manufacturing industry, and the tourism enterprises.

Construction and Project activity in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is forecast to improve in 2017 with a predicted growth of 4% as work ramps up on projects connected to Expo 2020, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai South and the World Cup 2022 project in neighbouring Qatar is also expected to create additional construction contracts.

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Demand For Switchgear UAE

With such substantial growth predicted, especially in the construction & manufacturing industry, there will be an obvious need and high demand for switchgear solutions both now and in the forthcoming years.

Such is the demand for switchgear in the UAE at present, that each month thousands of jobs are advertised by local recruiters desperately seeking Switchgear Specialists, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Projects Managers for immediate and upcoming projects.

The need for electrical and mechanical specialists is simply staggering. The demand is so high, and such is the importance of various switchgear projects that construction companies, recruitment agencies and project managers and are now heavily reliant on the continued & growing support from UK Switchgear Experts.

TES GROUP are one of the leading Switchgear Specialists in the UK, and have been very active in assisting with projects all over the UAE, Middle East, Asia & Africa.

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