TES Group | Manufacturing & Providing Switchgear in Africa

As a leading switchgear manufacturer & supplier, TES have enjoyed a significant period of rapid and sustained growth, especially over the past 5-10 years, and are now recognised as one of the largest and most experienced switchgear manufacturers in the world.

As a result, TES have made impressive progress in both UK and international markets in recent years and are well positioned to see the pace of recent growth sustained throughout the coming years.

We have successfully won (and completed) several major contracts in 6 major continents across the world, many specific to African nations.

Our TES specialists have visited countless African countries in recent years, and our Switchgear is represented all across continent, ranging from Nigeria, Libya, Ghana, down to South Africa, and right out to the tiny island of St Helena (approximately 2,000 kilometres of the west coast of Africa). Our Switchgear is everywhere, and we are very proud to be involved in such unique projects, and we will continue to provide expert switchgear solutions of the highest quality to African nations for decades to come.

Recent Switchgear Projects in Africa

TES Group | Libya


TES Group | St Helena