MCCB Panelboards

Ideal for System Upgrades and New Construction

TES offer a complete range of MCCB panelboards and pan assemblies providing endless options; from a straightforward panelboard to a complex panelboard system. Designed and manufactured with precision and commitment, TES panelboards consistently meet the needs of consultants and contractors providing features, ratings, and performance that exceed expectation.

TES offer a variety of incoming devices and an extensive choice of outgoing ways to provide flexibility and choice to the user. TES Panelboards are ideal for new construction and system upgrades in both commercial and industrial facilities.

Features of TES Panelboards include;
  • Can be configured for incomer device at top of panelboard
  • 250A, 400A, 630A & 800A versions available
  • 4 to 18 outgoing TP ways
  • 3 or 4 pole incoming devices can be fitted
  • Outgoing MCCBs up to 400A, available in 25, 36 and 50kA breaking capacity
  • MCCBs with Thermal Magnetic, Electronic or Motor rated trip facility
  • IP31 construction
  • Form 3b type 2 segregation as standard
  • Form 4 Type 6 segregation achieved by use of 4P Incoming MCCB and 2P/4P Feeder MCCBs
  • Option to remove top and bottom cross rails provides the ability to lay cables into the board instead of feeding them through the gland plate aperture, resulting in big time savings
  • Incoming and outgoing metering options to ensure Part L2 Building Regulations compliance. Plug-in cabling system provides for faster and error-proof installation
  • Wide range of extension boxes, metering, surge protection, and earth leakage incomer options available
  • Versatile solution, accommodating different frame size outgoing MCCBs to best match application needs
  • Blanking plates finger protect unused outgoing ways

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