Package Substation

Package Substation

Packaged Substation UK Manufactured

TES excel in bespoke design. Packaged substations are tailored to precise specifications providing a convenient, single source packaged solution with minimum time and cost.

Flexibility is provided through tailored configurations from the wide choice of solutions available.

TES Package Substations are fully engineered to meet current BS EN / IEC standards. The entire unit can be installed on site instantaneously by our team of engineers. Factory and Site Acceptance Tests are undertaken as standard, and the substation is ready for purpose. TES package Substations are compact and efficient, providing effective engineering solutions for almost any installation.

Key features include:
  • Rain Main Units, HV Circuit Breakers or MV Switch for Incoming options
  • Close Coupled or Remote Mounting of Transformers and LV Switchgear
  • Cast Resin/Oil/Fully Encapsulated Transformers Options.
  • Transformer Enclosures Natural or Forced Ventilated with Castell Interlocking
  • Up To 4MVA, 6300A Type Tested Capability
  • Flexible design constructions such as L-Shape, U Shape and Back-to-Back arrangements
  • Provide and incorporate PLC system for control of HV and LV equipment

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Containerised Packaged Substation

To enhance efficiency and reduce time spent on installation and commissioning, the TES range of Package Substation can also be incorporated into purpose built Modular Containers.

TES offer various configurations of package substations to provide the perfect solution for our clients. Our containerised package substations provide extensive flexibility, utilising either new or refurbished modified containers with integrated switchgear package. Containers are offered as standard or bespoke packages to suit the client’s requirements.

Additional Packaged Substation options include but are not restricted to:
  • DC wall mounted tripping unit
  • Thermostatic wall mounted heaters
  • Air conditioning
  • Internal battery back-up emergency lighting units
  • Extracting cooler fans, at the front and rear of the container, complete with speed controller thermostat and gravity shutters
  • External flood light with “walk up” sensor
  • Castell Key interlocks
  • Overhead cable trays
  • Trenches for Incoming/outgoing cables.
Our typical container package substation includes:
  • ISO 20 or 40ft containers; modified to each individual package substation specification and comprising:
  • Wall mounted distribution board for lighting and general supplies
  • Overhead fluorescent strip lights complete with light switch
  • Access door at switchboard end with push bolt release
  • Mesh fence at front end of sub-station with mesh door access
  • Mesh fence with door access segregating HV & LV sides
  • Provision for cable access for 11kW cable
  • Provision for cable access out of container for LV panel
  • Internal earth bar and danger signage, “Electricity at Work” poster