TES HV and LV Switchgear Design, Manufacture and Supply

TES offer a plethora of innovative Power solutions.

As specialists in the building services industry, TES extends its expertise to the design, installation, manufacture and commissioning of an extensive range of HV & LV Switchgear.

We offer extensive HV & LV Switchgear suitable for a range of applications. With the installation of TES switchgear, a reliable and robust electrical system is guaranteed. TES can deliver bespoke solutions for specific requirements or offer a range of adaptable modular systems. Flexibility is fundamental to finding the right solution to power problems.

  • Camden Lock Village

    Contract Summary: As part of the ongoing regeneration of London’s vibrant Camden Town TES were appointed to provide power solutions for the first phase of the […]
    LV Switchgear for Camden Lock development was manufactured and supplied by TES
  • Alton Towers Hotel Extension

    Contract Summary: Alton Towers undertook a 4 floor extension project to the existing Alton Towers hotel. The new extension will provide additional accommodation for visitors of […]
    Staffordshire LV manufactured Switchgear for Alton Towers
  • Royal Academy of Arts

    Contract Summary: The Royal Academy, based in Piccadilly, underwent an extensive redevelopment programme involving a physical connection between two of the buildings at the Royal Academy […]
    TES Supplied LV Switchgear for the Royal Academy of Arts