Adam Jordan - TES Group

Employee Interview With . . .

. . . Adam Jordan, Electrician at TES Group.   So Adam, tell us how long you’ve been working for TES Group and where you’re based? […]

Renewable Energy Centre Successfully Completed

TES Group contribute to new Renewable Energy Centre in Holbrook area of Sheffield.   The Holbrook Community Renewable Energy CHP Centre, is a green energy / […]
TES Group Innovation

Innovation at TES

For TES, innovation is a way of life, embedded in the culture of the organisation.  The two founding members of TES are hands-on, customer focused and […]

TES Group | Alton Towers

TES Group – Alton Towers Hotel Project Alton Towers Resort The Alton Towers Resort, is a theme park located in Staffordshire, England, near the village of Alton. The resort, which […]
TES - Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

TES Water: A New Approach

A New Approach Traditional approaches to providing complex solutions for water and wastewater treatment projects are now considered to be inefficient and more costly, both for […]

Retrofit, Refurbish or Replace Switchgear?

When To Retrofit, Refurbish or Replace Ageing Switchgear Management and maintenance of ageing switchgear is a common issue throughout the UK and European Markets.  Older buildings […]