Innovation at TES

TES Group Innovation

Innovation in Switchgear & MCC development

For TES, innovation is a way of life, embedded in the culture of the organisation.  The two founding members of TES are hands-on, customer focused and dedicated individuals who have ensured that the company has retained an entrepreneurial spirit as it has grown.  Innovation for the TES Group is about doing things better, every day.  Whether it’s in the design of MCC’s or Switchgear, manufacturing procedures, testing and commissioning procedures or even right down to sourcing stationery; we look for new and better ways of doing things.

Innovation is central to the company’s Business Model, encompassing all aspects of the business from design, manufacture, commissioning and site operations, right through to accounts and administration and particularly through our commitment to research and development.  Innovation has been key to the company’s growth, unlocking immense potential for the water and wastewater treatment sector.

Through our dedicated Research, Development & Innovation Centre, we actively encourage innovation throughout the company and at all levels.  As an outward looking company we monitor the market for developments that can be adopted, adapted and apply.  We challenge our designers through a robust development and review process.  We listen to our staff, our customers and our market colleagues and feed that input into our strategic planning.

The TES Research, Development & Innovation team also keep track of new products and innovations that can save time, minimise environmental impact and enhance the life-cycle of the project.  Training regarding new products is regularly provided to TES staff and innovations are introduced to clients to enhance efficiency targets.  New innovations are often used in order to successfully complete jobs within an agreed timescale reduction.

One of the innovative practices adapted by the company is a new branding website and portal for both staff members, customers and partners. The branding website provides a unique area whereby our core values, logos, photography, and brand guidelines can be accessed, downloaded and used in accordance with TES brand values and company ethos.

As a result of the branding website, TES are ensuring excellent brand understanding and progression within all departments, there has also been a reduction in print and visual inaccuracies, and major improvements in terms of brand awareness.

By providing the precise and most recent brand collateral & guidelines to those who need it, TES are mastering the art of brand continuity, both locally and internationally.The TES Group boast many accolades and awards, including the most recent Gold’ award at the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards as a result of successfully qualifying for four consecutive years as one of Ireland’s ‘Best Managed’ companies.

The Certificate of Excellence in Innovation was also awarded to the TES Group recently, recognising the company’s successful completion of the InterTrade Ireland Challenge Programme.

“Innovation, adaptability and flexibility are key characteristics of the company” said TES Group Chairman Brian Taylor.  “It is our ability to adapt processes and products from one sector and transfer these to benefit our service offering in another sector which we have found to be a success”. Taylor added, “At TES Group we encourage innovation at all levels of the business and provide our workforce with a channel to generate new ideas.  Every idea/innovation is duly considered.  Whilst some are totally “off the wall” others have genuine mileage – and many have been adapted.  All we ask is that every idea is based on our company mantra; ‘Quality Driven – Customer Focused’.”