Is Your Industrial Control System Protected From Ransomware Cyber Attacks?

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Is Your Industrial Control System Protected From Ransomware Cyber Attacks?

TES Cyber Safe

Protection against WannaCrypt Ransomware in Industrial Control Systems

Whilst Ransomware is not new, the recent spate of high profile attacks on critical infrastructure such as Healthcare, transport and finance have revealed just how effective the latest variants are. With the massive impact caused by the WannaCrypt(WannaCry) Ransomware many copycats are anticipated. Indeed modified strains have already been discovered.

Ransomware Industrial Control Systems

Train Station Ticket Machine Hacked By Ransomware


In their current state many Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are at risk from Ransomware. Simply relying on an air gap is not a sufficient safeguard against ransomware which can also affect embedded operating systems.

[ Water Facilities, Power Plants, Gas & Utilities, Manufacturing Operations – High Risk ]

Although the initial Cyber-attack was slowed over the weekend, new variants of the WannaCry ransomware have already started emerging and TES CyberSafe Team expect new variants to emerge all week causing havoc all across the globe.

Our advice is to visit the NCSC website ( & keep up to date with the latest news.

Microsoft has also released security updates for unsupported systems:

If you have concerns regarding your Industrial Control System being affected by potential Cyber Attacks, get in Contact with The TES CyberSafe Team today.