TES Cybersafe can assist in designing and implementing a Cyber Security strategy that will reduce the effectiveness of an attack on CNI systems. In the event of an attack TES Cybersafe can provide a reactive team dedicated to regaining control of your systems and hardening against further attack.

Why TES Cybersafe?

  • ICS experience in water, wastewater and power industry sectors.
  • TES are focused on the unique requirements of industrial automation and process control systems.
  • TES possess valuable experience and a knowledge base that is unique in the industry.
  • TES will determine the optimal strategies, together with the most convenient technologies and solutions.

Sound Familiar? If so, contact TES today.

  • Default passwords used
  • Service backdoors
  • “open” wireless connections
  • Internet connections (basic hygiene)
  • No secure design
  • Underestimating the motivation of the attackers