The threat of cybercrime to UK based Industrial Control Systems is increasing at alarming rates, TES Cybersafe was founded to provide professional cyber security services to protect Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). Already an award winning supplier of Industrial Control Systems the integration of our ICS Security experts allows us to offer complete ICS Lifecycle Management.

Unlike purely IT focused Cyber Security providers our team have a wealth of industry experience in both Industrial Control and Cyber Security. This is an obstacle many traditional systems integrators or indeed cyber security consultants will have trouble overcoming. Specialists in Operational Technology have a built up a vast amount of knowledge of Industrial Control Systems with limited knowledge of Cyber Security. Likewise, Cyber Security Consultants are experts in the IT domain but without expert knowledge of OT could cause serious harm to Critical National Infrastructure.

Although primarily Water Industry focused TES Cybersafe provide can provide assistance in securing the complete automation systems ranging from field instrumentation,  embedded devices, third-party subsystems, up to and including integration with enterprise wide applications.


The threat of cyber-attacks to the water industry and industrial control systems, is increasing rapidly, as many national news sources have confirmed in recent months, after attacks on Train Stations, Water Facilities, Supermarkets, Power Stations and more. The good news is that there are ways to protect against malicious cyber attacks, as Mark Cleary of the TES Cybersafe Division explains in the below ‘Top Tips‘ article.