Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is Key

As a business TES has always been Client Centric; listening to the needs of our customers and developing our business model around these. Everything we do at TES centres on the company Mantra of “Quality Driven…Customer Focused”.

At TES, we try to do things differently. Overarching in all our delivery operations is the critical importance of open, transparent and routine collaboration. Unlike industry standards, TES has in-house manufacturing capabilities, offering wide-ranging services including design, build, installation and project management for the water and power industries. Our staff are highly-skilled in a wide range of specialist disciplines and are fully committed and motivated towards achieving the TES vision.  It can be commonplace in our industry to find large, bureaucratic organisations with a “one-size fits all” mentality, offering only Project Management and inflexible solutions. TES however, offer clients direct labour, a range of services and clear lines of communication. Our business model is distinct, as we develop “collaborative client partnerships”. We take time to listen to client needs.

In all our Contracts, TES aim to develop a collaborative work ethic with our Clients, Stakeholders and supply community. We do this by appointing a dedicated Contract Manager responsible for enabling a proactive collaborative relationship by ensuring:

  • Participation in Collaborative Meetings to promote technical dialogue and innovation
  • Mutually beneficial objectives are clearly established
  • Our staff understand contract goals through internal team and individual briefings
  • Team member’s active participation in contract workshops
  • Clearly defined roles, reporting structures and responsibilities
  • KPIs relating to contract objectives are closely monitored
  • Regular contract, design & site meetings and reviews
  • Development of informal personal relationships, cross framework and supply community
  • Building of trust by doing what we said we would do, on time
  • Team members raise issues early and put forward ideas in a no-blame culture
  • Issues are resolved at the lowest possible level of authorisation
  • Open and honest communication and feedback.

In our view, the key to satisfying our Clients is early engagement.  To ensure the priorities and interests of all parties are taken into account, a shared aim is agreed so that all stakeholders are committed to working towards this shared aim.

Collaborative Workshops

TES encourage early collaboration workshops with our Clients (and indeed all stakeholders) which provides an opportunity to discuss appointment of key people, innovations, TOTEX proposals, early identification/reduction of risks and provision of H&S information from the start of the design phase, through to installation.

For TES, it’s normal practice for all stakeholders to meet regularly to focus on the collaborative partnership, discuss project delivery and sharing of information aimed at achieving project goals.

TES Managing Director Noel McCracken expressed his view on building collaborative relationships; “TES are committed to working in collaboration with all of our stakeholders, building a joint approach based on mutual advantage. Our business model is entirely based on not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, which is made possible through collaboration.”