Renewable Energy Centre Successfully Completed

TES Group contribute to new Renewable Energy Centre in Holbrook area of Sheffield.   The Holbrook Community Renewable Energy CHP Centre, is a green energy / […]
TES Group Innovation

Innovation at TES

For TES, innovation is a way of life, embedded in the culture of the organisation.  The two founding members of TES are hands-on, customer focused and […]

TES Group | Alton Towers

TES Group – Alton Towers Hotel Project Alton Towers Resort The Alton Towers Resort, is a theme park located in Staffordshire, England, near the village of Alton. The resort, which […]
TES - Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

TES Water: A New Approach

A New Approach Traditional approaches to providing complex solutions for water and wastewater treatment projects are now considered to be inefficient and more costly, both for […]

Retrofit, Refurbish or Replace Switchgear?

When To Retrofit, Refurbish or Replace Ageing Switchgear Management and maintenance of ageing switchgear is a common issue throughout the UK and European Markets.  Older buildings […]
TES Cyber Safe

Is Your Industrial Control System Protected From Ransomware Cyber Attacks?

Protection against WannaCrypt Ransomware in Industrial Control Systems Whilst Ransomware is not new, the recent spate of high profile attacks on critical infrastructure such as Healthcare, […]